Skin booster injections are a way of rejuvenating the skin by enhancing the hydration levels deep inside the skin tissues and increasing its elasticity, firmness and smoothness. One such example of skin boosters is uses hyaluronic acid skin boosters.

Hyaluronic acid skin boosters can be used for:

  • All skin types
  • Both men and women
  • All areas of the skin which include your face, neck, decolletage, lips, backs of your hands, in the knees, elbows, etc.
  • People who want to improve skin structure, for e.g. photo-damaged or in acne-scarred skin

The treatment involves giving a series of tiny injections of hyaluronic acid into the chosen area of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body and functions to maintain hydration levels in the skin. However, as we age the hyaluronic acid level in our body diminishes. Hyaluronic acid skin booster replaces the lost hyaluronic acid in the body and thus restores the skin’s firmness, natural hydration and radiance. It also stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. Moreover, it lifts and soothes away lines and restores your skin tone and youthful volume.

You can notice visible improvement to the skin just after one treatment. Altogether, it comprises of a series of three treatments which are placed one month apart. This is followed by maintenance treatments at 6 months after the first course, then a year later, and then 18 months later, making it an affordable way of rejuvenating the skin.


Almost everyone desires flawless skin with a lighter and even skin tone. Skin whitening treatments are offered to give you that radiant glow so that you feel rejuvenated and confident. These treatments are sought by both men and women alike.

Laser Resurfacing

Skin damage can occur due to various factors such as age, emotional stress, sun tan, and acne. Laser skin resurfacing treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin. This is used on skin to treat wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars, lines around eyes and mouth, brown spots, and sun-damaged skin. It offers good results and can be used for all skin types.


Botox® injection or Botulinum toxin injection is most commonly known for its successful use in cosmetic therapies.

Initially, Botox was approved to treat strabismus (crossed eyes), blepharospasm (spasm of the eyelids) and cervical dystonia (muscle contractions in the neck). Added to the list of indications is FDA approval for relaxing frown lines in the glabella area between the eyes on the forehead.


A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure to exfoliate the weather-beaten and damaged external layer of skin to reveal the underlying newer, firmer and smoother skin. It is recommended for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and age spots as well as irregular pigmentation on the face and neck.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment of choice for removing unwanted hair from the body. Hair growth originates in the follicles. The technique uses highly concentrated light (laser) to penetrate the hair follicles and arrest its growth. The intense heat from the laser beam damages the hair follicles, reducing the amount and thickness of hair as well as inhibiting future growth.


Dermabrasion is a skin resurfacing technique that uses a rotating instrument to remove the outer layers of the skin and is usually performed on the face. A new layer of skin grows and replaces the treated skin, resulting in a smoother and younger appearance.