Mesotherapy is a non- surgical treatment used to treat several conditions including hair loss. It involves the delivery of tiny “medicinal bullets” into the middle layer of skin or scalp (mesoderm) through superficial microinjections. When used to treat hair loss the medicine contains vitamins, minerals, certain pharmaceutical compounds and plant extracts that stimulate hair growth.

There are various reasons why hair loss occurs in certain areas. When loss occurs due to reduced blood circulation, hormonal imbalance or a lack of nutrients necessary for hair growth, Mesotherapy has been shown to be a very effective treatment method.

The procedure is carried out either manually or with a special medical device called a “meso-gun”. An individualized mixture of active ingredients is gently injected into the affected areas. Treatment takes about 10-30 minutes depending upon the extent of hair loss. After the procedure, your scalp may have a few bleeding spots which typically heal quickly.

Initially, therapy is carried out every other week for 2-3 months at the end of which the results are clearly evident. Treatment is then performed once a month for a total of approximately 10 sessions necessary for proper hair growth. To maintain your results, it is advisable to have an application once every three months.

Generally, there are no adverse effects seen with this therapy other than rare cases of allergy. Mesotherapy is not recommended during pregnancy.