Foetal Medicine

Foetal medicine is a new branch of medicine resulting from advances in medical technology. It focuses on the growth and health of your baby in the womb, the identification of abnormalities or illnesses and the treatment for certain conditions.

Care is provided by a team of specialists including maternal-foetal specialists, neonatologists, obstetricians, cardiologists etc.

Your baby is screened for anomalies such as spina bifida and Down syndrome.

Foetal Medicine

Diagnostic tests include noninvasive tests such as ultrasound (2 or 3 dimensional or Doppler), MRI, foetal echocardiography and cardiotocography and maternal blood tests.

It also includes invasive tests which may involve the insertion of a fine needle or a fetoscope into the uterus. Common invasive tests include amniocentesis and umbilical cord sampling.

Treatment may involve medical therapy or surgical intervention to correct abnormalities and improve your baby’s health while still in the womb or at the time of delivery.

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