Face Lift

Facelift is a cosmetic surgery (rhytidectomy) performed to rejuvenate the facial skin and to give a younger and aesthetic appearance. Facelift is performed to clear the smile lines, smooth the contour and tighten the neck so as to give you the look as younger as you feel.

Eye Lift

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure performed for functional or cosmetic correction of the upper and lower eyelid. It can be performed to treat sagging or loose skin over the eyes which can disturb the natural shape of the upper eyelid and impair vision, to remove lesions or correct certain conditions where the lid margin turns outward (ectropion) or inward (entropian).

Neck Lift

Neck lift is a surgical procedure performed to improve the appearance of the neck and under the jaw line by reducing the loose sagging skin. Neck lift, also called cervicoplasty or neck lift with platysmaplasty procedure is used to enhance the appearance of your neck. The procedure usually takes two to three hours, but the time may differ accordingly if other surgeries such as liposuction, facelift, brow lift are performed along with neck lift.

Brow Lift

Brow lift also called as forehead lift is an aesthetic treatment to correct low position of the eyebrows and to remove horizontal lines and vertical frown lines on the forehead. This surgical procedure can be done in people who naturally have them and also in those who develop them as a result of stress or ageing.